To import and edit your Zoom recordings in Flixier first you need to connect your Zoom account with Flixier. 

To connect your account follow these steps:

Click Import in the Flixier project editor
Select Zoom and enter your account credentials
Allow required permissions to Flixier
Done. Your account is connected.

If you want to uninstall the app from your Zoom Account follow this link: and select Disconnect App under the Zoom section. 

To completely de-authorize Flixier follow this link: 


By connecting your Zoom account with Flixier you can seamlessly import your recordings and edit them for further publishing on websites, blogs, YouTube, social media or to send company wide memos. 

To start editing you need to make sure you have connected the app as mentioned above. Next, follow these steps: 

Click Import in the Flixier project editor
Select Zoom and a list of your recordings will show-up
You can sort them based on the recording date by using a calendar drop-down.
Next, click on the recording you want to edit and then press Import
Your recordings will be imported in Flixier and you are ready to edit them.

Contact Support

If you run into any problems you have several options to reach us for a solution: 

In-app Live Chat app. (always found in the lower left corner of the screen)
Help Center:

You can expect an answer in maximum 24 hours from sending a message to support.
Our support work times are between 07:00 AM and 07:00 PM GMT.
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